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O Chrismon Tree!

IMG_3743Advent 2014
Year B

I’m still working on the Advent sermons, but we have crafted the new verses for our theme song–changing O Christmas Tree to O Chrismon Tree. Here they are so you can see if you like! (Please feel free to make suggestions.) Our choir master is going ahead and introducing them to our children…

For more information on our Advent sermon series…see this post.

O Chrismon Tree, O Chrismon Tree
Helping share God’s story.

Verse 1 for Advent 1 (We explain the tree itself.)
Branches green the whole year through
Show us God is old and new.

Verse 2 for Advent 2 (We explain the ornaments.)
Ornaments of white and gold
Are symbols of the Church of old.

Verse 3 for Advent 3 (We explain the lights.)
The lights are lit and shining bright!
Remind us Jesus is the light.

Verse 4 for Advent 4 (We explain the angel.)
The angel sits atop the tree
Says Fear Not to you and me.

Verse 5 for Christmas Eve (We celebrate!)
Christmas Day Christ has His birth,
A time when Heaven comes to Earth.

Check back for more information…

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