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This is how it played out at EPC. It was awesome. ~Fran

for Sunday, October 4, 2015
World Communion Sunday
19th Sunday After Pentecost
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Proper 22
Year B
lectionary focus: Mark 10:2-16

note and PROP: As Edgewood Presbyterian Church celebrates World Communion Sunday, our children’s sermon will prepare the congregation and the table for Communion. Our prop is a fence section that will be placed on top of the Communion Table. By turning the fence into a table, we are saying: there is plenty to share; the table is big; we are one world. A great book to extend this lesson is The Greatest Table by Michael Rosen.

Good morning!

I have a BIG prop today! This is a section of fence. We put fences around things for safety. We fence our yards so our dogs can play and not get lost. We put fences beside roads so that drivers will know where to drive their cars. We put fences around dangerous things like power stations and water towers so that people don’t get hurt. Fences can be very helpful. But some people want to build fences to be selfish. Some people want to use fences to say that other people need to go away; to say that other people are not welcome there; to say that other people need to KEEP OUT (helper puts sign on the fence). Some people want to use fences because they feel there is not enough to share.

In our Bible story today, Jesus fusses at the disciples when they are being selfish. The disciples use themselves to make a fence to keep children away from Jesus. Jesus moves the disciples, opens His arms, hugs all the children, and reminds the disciples that there is plenty of Jesus to share.

Today we celebrate World Communion Sunday. Today we celebrate that there is STILL plenty of Jesus to share all over the world. Today we celebrate that we don’t have to be selfish with Jesus and His love.

But I wonder about the fences. I wonder about the people who forget that there is enough to share. I wonder what we can do. I wonder how we can move the fences like Jesus. I wonder how we can show that there is plenty to share. Here are 3 ideas.

First. I think we need to change the sign on the fence. That sign says KEEP OUT. But if we add God’s love and put a few more letters on the sign, it now reads KEEP SHOUTING GOD LOVES YOU! I think that makes Jesus’s message loud and clear.

Second. Today at EPC, we are changing this fence into a table. Watch as our helpers take the fence and place it here on top of Jesus’s table. And now our other friends will  add the elements. That fence which was designed to keep people out is now making the table bigger, is now welcoming us all to eat with Jesus.

And third. We can remember that there is enough to share. Whether we are sharing Jesus or love or kindness or food or shoes or a place to live, there is enough. And Jesus calls us all to share, calls us to make sure that others are welcome, calls us to show how big His table is.

Will you pray with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for keeping us safe.
Thank You
for sharing with us.
Thank You
for reminding us
to share with others
and to move selfish fences.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.

The First Church Potluck?

bowlfor Sunday, May 4, 2014
3rd Sunday of Easter
Year A
lectionary focus: Luke 24:13-35
note: Don’t forget Graduation Sunday! Would this be a good Sunday to recognize those moving on to other things?
prop: casserole dish

Happy Easter!

Yes, it is still Easter. The mystery and joy of Easter are too big to celebrate in one Sunday so we continue celebrating the love of our Risen Lord. And to celebrate today, I brought this. (Show casserole dish.) I’m sure you have seen these around your kitchen. This is a casserole dish. It is large enough to hold a big lasagna or chicken spaghetti or some other yummy dish that will taste great and fill a family with love. I wonder if you have also notice that whenever something big happens, people share food. When a family has a baby born, or someone in the family is sick or had an accident, or some friends get back from a long trip, or especially when someone in a family dies, people will cook up lots of food and take it that family. Making dinner for people is a delicious way to share love. The food provides rest and comfort and nourishment and caring. You have probably heard when something big happens, people say, “What food can I bring?”

I’ve been thinking about this question as I’ve been reading the Easter story in the Bible. Did Peter and his wife take dinner to John and his family? Did Mary and Martha and Lazarus host a potluck dinner at their house? And then we have today’s Bible story. In today’s lesson from the Book of Luke, we hear how two of Jesus’s friends are walking to the village of Emmaus. Along the road, they meet Jesus. Only they don’t recognize Him. They walk and talk and share all that they are feeling about Jesus. They are so moved by their conversation with this Man that they invite Him to dinner. And there, at the table, when this Man, when Jesus breaks the bread and blesses it, their eyes are opened, and they recognize Him. When Jesus shares dinner, they feel rest and comfort and nourishment and caring. They feel His love.

I think this is why we share food with others. We know our bodies need food to grow and be strong, but Jesus shows us that we need sharing for our hearts to grow and be strong. Each time we take food to those in need or eat together…breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner…our eyes can be opened, our hearts can be opened, and we can feel the love of Jesus surround us.

Will you say a prayer with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for feeding us
with food
and with love.
Help us
to share with others
through food and love
that we all might see
Your love

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.

31 Pairs of Socks

IMG_9981for Sunday, August 4, 2013
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
11th Sunday after Pentecost
Proper 13
Year C
lectionary focus: Luke 12:13-21
Note: Back to School is coming! Our Blessing of the Backpacks 2013 is scheduled for Sunday, August 18, and I will be posting that sermon by August 5.

Good morning!

Today, I have a story about two people.

The first guy goes to the store and buys 31 pairs of socks. The second guy goes to the same store and does exactly the same thing: he buys 31 pairs of socks…the same colors and types as the first guy. They each go home.

I wonder if you see any difference between these two guys?

The difference is seen when they get home. The first guy opens the sock packages and carefully arranges the socks in neat little rows in his dresser drawers. He is so proud that he will have a new pair of socks to wear each day of the month!

But on the other hand, the second guy goes home, keeps the sock packages closed up, carefully sorts them into neat little bags, and then takes the bags to the homeless shelter where he gives the new socks to the many guests that are staying there. Each guest now has a new pair of socks to wear!

I wonder if you see any difference between these two guys now?

In our Bible story today, Jesus reminds us that our lives are not built on the things we HAVE. Our lives are built on how we USE the things we have. We can be greedy, storing and using things just for ourselves. Or we can be generous, sharing and using things for others. Jesus warns us that when we selfishly store up THINGS–like socks, or money, or toys, or any THING, we make THINGS more important to us than God. When we generously share our things, we are being rich toward God and showing that God is our treasure.

My sock story today is about two different guys: one who values things and uses them to care for only himself, and another guy who values God and uses things to care for God’s children around him. I wonder which guy you want to be?

Will you pray with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for all of my blessings.
Help me
to share my things
so others may see
that You are my treasure.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.