Advent 2018 Silent Night

Dear Friends!

I guess we can call this the advent of the Season of Advent! It is time (or well past the time) to prepare for the preparation of the mystery and joy of Christmas.

2018 is the 200th Anniversary of the hymn Silent Night. While I usually share our series, my church now follows the Narrative Lectionary and is even going somewhat rouge on that during Advent! So I am directing you to another resource that gave me some inspiration. Marcia McFee has crafted a complete, scripted series using the RCL and highlighting the anniversary of Silent Night. She has graciously posted a free outline or you can purchase her whole packet including original music. In addition to linking to her site, I am including links to other history websites.

God help us find hope and peace and love and joy that all may be calm and bright.


Calm and Bright: 200 Years of Silent Night Series 2018

Stille Nacht

Salzburgerland: Silent Night

The Carol and Its Message of Peace

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