Advent 2013 Update…

My updated Advent Series is ready!

Click to find the Gathering Advent handout that you can personalize for your church so families can gather Advent at home, too. (Honestly, not sure how this Word document will open on your computer; please contact me if you have trouble with it:  chancelsteps @ gmail dot com).

Or click HERE to find to find the whole series updated. Both include two more verses for Away in a Manger…courtesy of Jill Stewart, Lynn Dorough, and Susan Windham. These words fit perfectly with the Third and Fourth Sundays in Advent! My friends are blessed with poetic talents!

May you gather home, community, joy, and faith this Advent Season!

One response to “Advent 2013 Update…

  1. Just wanted to let you know I think I’m going to use this whole series (condensed) on Christmas eve! So grateful to have this resource!

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