31 Pairs of Socks

IMG_9981for Sunday, August 4, 2013
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
11th Sunday after Pentecost
Proper 13
Year C
lectionary focus: Luke 12:13-21
Note: Back to School is coming! Our Blessing of the Backpacks 2013 is scheduled for Sunday, August 18, and I will be posting that sermon by August 5.

Good morning!

Today, I have a story about two people.

The first guy goes to the store and buys 31 pairs of socks. The second guy goes to the same store and does exactly the same thing: he buys 31 pairs of socks…the same colors and types as the first guy. They each go home.

I wonder if you see any difference between these two guys?

The difference is seen when they get home. The first guy opens the sock packages and carefully arranges the socks in neat little rows in his dresser drawers. He is so proud that he will have a new pair of socks to wear each day of the month!

But on the other hand, the second guy goes home, keeps the sock packages closed up, carefully sorts them into neat little bags, and then takes the bags to the homeless shelter where he gives the new socks to the many guests that are staying there. Each guest now has a new pair of socks to wear!

I wonder if you see any difference between these two guys now?

In our Bible story today, Jesus reminds us that our lives are not built on the things we HAVE. Our lives are built on how we USE the things we have. We can be greedy, storing and using things just for ourselves. Or we can be generous, sharing and using things for others. Jesus warns us that when we selfishly store up THINGS–like socks, or money, or toys, or any THING, we make THINGS more important to us than God. When we generously share our things, we are being rich toward God and showing that God is our treasure.

My sock story today is about two different guys: one who values things and uses them to care for only himself, and another guy who values God and uses things to care for God’s children around him. I wonder which guy you want to be?

Will you pray with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for all of my blessings.
Help me
to share my things
so others may see
that You are my treasure.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.

2 responses to “31 Pairs of Socks

  1. I loved it. Blessed my soul. It made me think about what else do i package up and put in a drawer or cabinet instead of packing it up and taking it out to the streets and the needy.

    • On the lighter side, my husband says I should do a children’s sermon out-takes blog…then my final question would have been, “I wonder how many socks you have?”
      Glad this spoke to you! Peace.
      PS For other readers…Nona told me that in Colombia where she was a missionary the word nona is what they call a lone sock that has lost its match.

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