God Is So Big…

trinityfor Sunday, May 26, 2013
Trinity Sunday
1st Sunday after Pentecost
Year C
lectionary focus: John 16:12-16
Note: I like Carolyn Brown’s approach that Trinity Sunday is God Sunday: “The call is not to explain God but to celebrate God’s mysterious, more than we can ever explain presence.”

Good morning!

A long, long time ago there lived a man named Socrates. He was a teacher and a speaker. He said so many smart things that people thought him to be very wise and perhaps, to be the smartest person to have lived. But Socrates said that the one thing he did know, was that he knew nothing. What Socrates meant was that he was so smart, he knew he did not know everything there is to know. Socrates knew that there would always be something else he could learn.

In our Bible story today, Jesus tells the disciples that they don’t know everything and that is okay. Jesus points out that they cannot just know it all right then, that learning takes time. While Jesus has shared many things with the disciples, there is more for them to learn. There will always be something else they can learn.

On the church calendar, today is called Trinity Sunday. Today we celebrate that we don’t know everything; we celebrate the big mystery of God and His love for us. God is so big that today we use His full, long name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is so amazing that today we remind ourselves that none of us can ever fully, totally know all there is to know about God. Sometimes it seems like we grownups know all there is to know. But we don’t…especially about God. As God’s children, we all wonder about God and people and the world. And this wonder is good. The Bible also tells us that being amazed by God is the beginning of wisdom. Knowing that we don’t know it all is a part of our faith; yet continuing to learn is part of our practice…whether we are 7 years old or 47 years old or 77 years old. There will always be something else we can learn.

And so today, we rejoice in the bigness of God. And we celebrate that there will always be something else we can learn about God and our place in His world.

Will you pray with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it.)

Dear Lord,
Today we rejoice
that You are so big.
Today we rejoice
that there is always
something else we can learn.
Thank You
for being so big
that You have enough love
for us all.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is share, inspire, and encourage.

One response to “God Is So Big…

  1. This is SO Good…Thank you!

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