for Sunday, September 9, 2012
15th Sunday after Pentecost
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Proper 18
Year B
lectionary focus: Mark 7:24-37
prop: some sort of camera–While any camera will work, an ipad or iphone where they can see the shutter paddles move would be excellent!

Okay, everybody say “Cheese!” (take their picture)

This is a camera. You’ve all seen cameras and there are a million different kinds. This one is a _______. We use cameras to take pictures, to capture and share memories in photographs. Let me tell you how this piece of technology works. Inside the camera it is very dark. When you press this button, a little door inside called the shutter opens up and light passes through the lens hitting some special receptors which capture the light to make the photograph. (Demonstrate several times so the kids can see the shutter open and close.) All of the science of photography boils down to the magic of the shutter opening up to let in the light. Without that, we don’t get a picture.

In our Bible story today, we hear about opening up. Jesus meets a man who cannot hear and cannot speak. Jesus calls for him to Open up, and then the man can hear and speak. Jesus speaks to him in Aramaic saying the word Ephphatha. This word means Open up. It’s kind of a hard word to say, but give it a try: Ephphatha. Jesus heals the deaf man in the Bible, but through this Bible story, He is also calling each of us now to Open up to Him. We are called to Open up and receive His love and mercy and grace.

Like the camera needing to open up to the light in order to make the photograph, we need to Open up to the light of Christ that we may get the picture of God’s love, that we may then shine and share God’s love with the world around us.

For our prayer today, I want to make sure you can say this powerful word, Ephphatha, so I will pray a line and when I hold up my hands, I want you to say with me Ephphatha.

Dear Lord, We thank You that You call to us.
(Raise hands and all say together) Ephphatha!
Let our hearts and minds be open to You,
(Raise hands and all say together) Ephphatha!
that we receive Your love and share it with others.
(Raise hands and all say together) Ephphatha!
In Your name we pray.
(Raise hands and all say together) Ephphatha!

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.

4 responses to ““Cheese!”

  1. You are good, girlfriend. Learning to pronounce a Greek word. Bravo. Oops -that’s Italian….

  2. Great post! Very interesting what you mentioned about the cameras. We all have them!

  3. Your timing on this sermon is perfect! I have an antique collection of cameras where you can SEE the shutter from the inside. Will also take pics of each kid saying, “Cheese.” Great props added to your great idea = Rally Day sermon for all ages!

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