for Sunday, July 8, 2012
6th Sunday after Pentecost
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Proper 9
Year B
lectionary focus: Mark 6:1-13
inspiration: Worshiping with Children
and Kid’s Talk portion of: mustard seeds
and Storypath regarding the book: Not the Piano, Mrs. Medley! by Evan Levine (Orchard Books, 1991)
(Bring out the) props: as you see fit.


Finally, I am going on a trip this week! We are able to go for only three days, but I’ve been packing all week so I will be ready and have everything I will need. I even got a new suitcase; I brought it today. Want to see what’s inside? See what all I’m taking?

First: I’ve got my book that I’m reading. But I’m near the end so I have another book in case I finish this first one. And then I put in another book, in case I don’t like the second one. Some jeans and my bathing suit and my big poofy jacket…just in case it gets cold. And my Darth Vadar helmet. And this box of Kleenex. And since I like to cook, I’ve got my spatula and of course, my toaster. And this hammer in case something breaks. And a raincoat. And a squeegee. And this paddle ball. And this remote control.

Wait. Why are y’all laughing?
You think I’ve got too much stuff? But won’t I need all of this stuff? What if I don’t have it and then I need it?

Yes, you are right. I am glad to hear that you understand how to pack for a trip.

In our Bible story today, Jesus sends the disciples out to spread God’s love, and He tells the disciples how to pack. He tells them “to take nothing” except a walking stick, the shoes on their feet, and the clothes they are wearing. No bag, no money, no food, no extra clothes, no iPhone, no xBox, no toaster, no remote control.

But wait. Wouldn’t the disciples need a car to share God’s love?
Surely, we have to have a car to do that today?
Or maybe the disciples needed a phone? Do we?
I wonder what Things we need to share God’s love?

That’s right! There are no Things we need to share God’s love. Because God’s love is not a Thing! We–us–and what we do is how we share God’s love. We don’t have to worry about getting everyTHING packed or worry if we have everyTHING ready…because we and what we do is how we share God’s love. With our hearts full of God’s love, we don’t need to be packed. With God in our hearts, we are always ready to share His love.

Will you pray with me? (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it back.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for packing my heart
with Your love.
I am ready
to share Your love.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.

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  1. just posted todays’ lesson on my FB page. Blessings –

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