To Be Invited

May 13, 2012
6th Sunday of Easter
Mother’s Day
lectionary focus: Acts 10:44-48
note: Who knew there was such history to Mother’s Day?

Good morning.
In our Bible stories today, we hear about the early church, about the disciples going forth into the world to teach about Jesus and to share God’s love. In the Book of Acts, after Peter has baptized a group of people, the story says then they invited him to stay for several days.

I started thinking about this word invited. To invite is to ask someone to join you, to welcome someone into your group. In this story, the people were so thankful to Peter that they wanted him to feel welcome and special; they wanted to show God’s love back to Peter so they invited him to stay.

And in our lives, we, too, make invitations. Some are simple invitations…we just ask or make a phone call; some are fancy invitations that we write and put in the mail. We invite people to come play at our house, or to have dinner with us, or to come to our birthday party. I can remember my mother helping me with the invitations to my first spend-the-night party; she helped me to write everything perfectly and then she helped me to make sure each of my guests felt welcome and special.

Here in our church, we, too, invite people. We scoot over, inviting others to sit with us; we invite people to pray with us, to share the Peace of Christ; to come to the table; to join our church family. And when we invite others, we make them feel welcome and special and show God’s love to them.

Mother's Day 1991 complete with mother/daughter dresses!

But what about today? Today is Mother’s Day. All around the world, children are inviting their mom to have a special day with flowers, cards, a fancy meal, playing games. Moms are great; they do so much for us; we are so thankful for them. Let each of us show God’s love and our love for our mom: invite her to your Mother’s Day Celebration and make her feel welcome and special.

Now I invite you to pray with me. (This is an echo prayer: the leader says a line and the children repeat it back.)

Dear Lord,
Thank You
for inviting us
to be Your children.
Thank You
for my mom.
Help me show Your love
and invite my mom
so she feels
welcome and special.

We are not Christians alone.
My mission is to share, inspire, and encourage.


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  2. We all agree here: she is the cutest baby EVER!

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