4th Sunday after Pentecost

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

For Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lectionary Focus–Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Prop–a package of Sunflower seeds

Good Morning!

Today I have some seeds to show you. These are sunflower seeds. Some people like to eat them. Birds and squirrels LOVE to eat them. But if these get planted they will grow into tall, beautiful flowers like the picture on the seed package. Do you think that if I drop them on the chancel steps here that they will grow? (No.) Do you think that if I throw them out in the street they will grow? (No.) Do you think that if I put them in the dirt somewhere they will grow? Well, they should grow in the dirt, but if I don’t watch them and make sure they have enough water and sun and protection…they may not grow to bloom. In order for seeds to grow well, they need help.

In our Bible story today, Jesus teaches about how to grow plants. He talks about making sure they have the right soil, and the right amounts of water and sun, and are not crowded by weeds. And like me, Jesus’s friends look at Him with a confused face. They were not farmers. They were not there to get a lesson in gardening. Why was Jesus talking about plants?

Because Jesus did believe His friends were farmers! Not farmers growing plants, but farmers growing people. Like seeds, people need the right stuff to grow well. And we need someone to watch and care for us as we live. God is the Gardener of the whole world, and Jesus calls us to be His helpers…we are here to see and hear that those around us have what they need to grow and to live in wonder and delight. We are called to be farmers to keep people healthy, and farmers to keep people learning, and farmers to keep people…laughing. And you are farmers to your family! You are called to keep them growing full of love and happiness.

Will you pray with me? (This is an Echo Prayer; leader says a line and waits for congregation to repeat it.)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for seeds.

Thank you for farmers.

Help me

to be a farmer of people.

Help me

to share Your love.


One response to “4th Sunday after Pentecost

  1. Veronica Morrow

    Great childrens’ sermons written in a way our small ones can understand.

    Hello, Fran, from St. Philip’s in Brevard!

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